Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Boonies & Language

It Dosn't Sound English

In the country, entertainment is sorely limited. In my free-time I will: run on the farm roads, watch the news on the only English Channel, learn Chinese, or attempt to read an English book translated from Chinese (very difficult). Such a thing exists, called Chinese-English. In Chinese English, words that we don’t normally use are used in literature and speaking. I have discovered that the benefit of learning another language opens up the world in a different way. A new language gives you new ways to express yourself, and learn about life, it’s almost like being a child, you are given new was to learn and open your mind. Whether, it’s learning Chinese-English or Chinese; I am learning about the world from a language that comes from different beliefs and values. My Chinese has improved, I can decipher the breaks in a sentence, what word is what, and I understand how to read Chinese Phonetics I can also speak a few basic sentences. When I hear a conversation, I can understand the gist of it, from key nouns, or pronouns. At the moment, I am only learning how to speak Chinese, learning how to write will come after I become confident in speaking the language.


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