Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Our kitchen is outside of the school; so, everyday I trundle off to the kitchen with my metal bowl and chopsticks anticipating the cuisine of the day. I continue to be greeted by fish heads in my soup and other odd ethnic dishes. One popular dish is gelatinous cubes of pigs blood, it‘s supposed to be good for your health. I have yet to brave the taste; my stomach turns at the idea of ingesting cold slimy hardened blood cubes. If you are wondering, yes, I eat rice everyday. There was this one rare day, where rice wasn’t served, I was actually disappointed. My diet consists of rice, fish, bean curd and bamboo shoots. On some days pork with potatoes is served or other dishes such as: fish balls, squid legs, chicken feet, and duck. It is not advisable to eat anything fried, because it is so hot here. The human body does not react to hot (not spicy) food well. You can easily get a soar throat, or acquire other physical aliments. When we go to a restaurant, lobster, crab, and other more elaborate seafood dishes are served. For snacks, I have taken to eating dried olives, dried plums, coated in sweet and sour powder and drinking almond juice. Food has now become a necessity to eat, rather than a celebration of gluttony. All of this low fat food has dropped my weight considerably; I am now down to less than 120 lbs. A friend has told me that, Chinese people have a lower cancer rate because of the food they eat. I have a feeling that, upon my return, I’m no longer going to want to eat at A & W or Dairy Queen.


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You are such a beautiful girl!


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