Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Life in China

The Life

As for the living situation, I will be honest with all of you. I have been going through many emotions since I have been here. I guess I can say that my emotions are a by-product of culture shock I won’t deny the fact that I miss home. Having this experience has made me into a patriot. I will admit that my living situation is less than desirable. The school was just build this year, in February; as a result there is a limited amount of classroom space. What once was a boardroom outside our rooms is now a cramped classroom. When I leave my dorm in the morning, I will see students milling about. As, all the teachers live together, I never really experience the luxury of privacy that I had at home For a while, our hang out room was converted into a make shift classroom, but another classroom has been built, so we have our TV room back (thank goodness). The other minuses are that our electricity often cuts out on us, some days we have no water and unwanted company (spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes). In order to preserve a cheery front, I try to look at the situation positively I never had to worry about being alone and there is always a teacher around to gab with. Perhaps, this experience will make me more of a tolerable person to live with.


At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is not a good place...
I'm from China, nice to meet you here



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