Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Monday, August 25, 2003

Vancouver - Beijing

After, rushing around in the morning to complete some errands, I headed off to the airport. After getting lost and loosing valuable check-in time, I rushed to the Air China counter to check-in my baggage, only to discover that my flight was delayed. I didn't end up leaving Vancouver until 3:30pm. A soon as the plane was in the air, I was living in China. Everything about the plan was Chinese from the stewards to the TV programming, even the airplane food (which was less then desirable). The trip itself was pleasant enough, thanks to the choice seating that I lucked out on. I had the very first seat at the aisle, so I had all the legroom that I needed, an essential thing to have on an eleven-hour flight. Unfortunately, the TV programming was not that great (they have an idea of what entertainment is), so I slept for the duration of the flight.


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