Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Unhealthy Days


My health seems to have its ups and downs. As I mentioned before, the weather here is dam hot, it look a long time for my body to adjust to it. It is getting closer to winter, so the days are getting cooler. The climate here is odd, one day it’s really hot and the next it’s really cold. When it rains, it just doesn’t sprinkle lightly, or rain like it does in Vancouver, the rain crashes to the ground in thick droplets, leaving water pools at least a foot deep. The rapid change in weather has taken a toll on my body. I think my internal body temperature is out of order. Some days, I have very little energy and so I sleep during my four breaks. I have been sick a few times, which is too many by my health standards. One weekend, I had the worst sore throat and felt very weak. I was given Chinese medicine to take which helped. The medicine... You don’t want to know, but I will tell you anyway. I drank this red thick syrupy medicine that was sickenly sweet. The ingredients, snake bile!!!! The next weekend, I woke up with a weird mark that looked like a scar on my face, I thought it was another bug bite, but it turned out that it was a symptom of a virus. I went to a Western Doctor, who gave me too many pills to count and a cream application, which seemed to cure me of whatever the virus was. It also accounted for the reason I was had lacked energy. Yes, I can definitely say that China is an adventure. I have started taking Kung Fu lessons, and will continue to run and do other exercises. Hopefully, my health will improve.


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